Products -Bakery & Catering products
Our core products consist of polypropylene printed and unprinted bags and films, primarily targeted for bakery, jumbo rolls for converters or smaller rolls which are used on over wrapping machines 
We offer an extensive range of plain, BOPP films and BOPP or CPP bags that have been developed for the packing of bakery products in In-Store Bakeries, Plant Bakeries and Fast Food Outlets
The films and bags are highly suitable for the packing of hot breads, morning goods, cakes, plated salads, filled rolls and sandwiches where freshness, hygiene and presentation are essential.
All the films are available in a range of gauges and widths and are suitable for use on high speed horizontal and vertical wrapping machines and L'sealers. 
Bags can be supplied in either BOPP or CPP in various gauges and sizes. 


Gauges--18, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 mu
Printed-in - up to 8 colours
Lay Flat film or centre folded
Bag Options
Side gusset
Bottom gusset


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